Rototiller Rear Tine

Rototiller Rear Tine
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    BCS Rototillers

    Rear Tine Rototiller

    Model 710 tractor with the 18" rototiller is a great performing small tiller.  With good rearward weight bias putting a higher percentage of the weight on the tiller along with high tine speed and efficient power transmission to the tiller, this machine breaks new ground faster and more thoroughly than any we've seen in our 25 years using tillers.  The 710 Gardener out performs much larger and more powerful tillers of the competitors.

    50% Faster Tine Speed 
    All BCS tillers have a 290 rpm tine speed that is 50% faster than other tillers. This produces finer, soft soil.

    All Gear Drive
    All BCS tractors use only extra heavy duty gears, shafts, and ball bearings in the transmissions.

    No Belts
    BCS uses a heavy duty automotive clutch that does not
    rob power like belts thereby delivering more power to the tiller