ACCOUNTS: We encourage our customers to open a Lewis Equipment charge. For your convenience there is an application for open account on this web site.

DELIVERY: Our radio-equipped delivery fleet is always at your service. Call us to arrange delivery or pick-up at reasonable rates. Rental time begins when our truck leaves our yard and ends when you, the customer, call us for pick-up. It is your responsibility to call us when you are ready for pick-up. No adjustments to time out will be made for neglecting to do so. Depending where the delivery is, our driver must have enough time to pick-up the equipment and return to our yard by the close of that business day. Otherwise, there is a one-day minimum charge on the delivery.

DEPOSIT: Customers with a charge card must have the estimated rental available on the card. Cash deposits are accepted on items under $10,000 in value with a current Michigan Drivers License and Vehicle Registration in the same name of the person signing the rental contract. Please call for the deposit amount of your rental.

RATE STRUCTURE: All hourly rates have a minimum 2 hour charge and are charged per hour after up to the next rate, which ever works out best in your favor. All hourly and 4 hour rates must be within our normal business hours. 8 hour rates are calculated by picking-up equipment in the morning and returning within 8 hours or close of business day. Equipment picked-up after 4 PM and returned by 9 AM the following day are also within our 8 hour rate. A 1 day rate is for a 24 hour period from the time of rental and 1 fifth of the day rate for every hour after up to another day charge. A monthly rate is 4 consecutive weeks from time of rental. Monthly rates are available on all equipment, please call for quote.

TAXES: Sales tax must be paid on all purchases, unless a tax exemption form is completed. We pay the sales tax on all our equipment when we purchase it. Use tax is not charged on our rentals.

DAMAGE WAIVER: We charge a 8% damage waiver on all our rentals. In exchange for this fee, Lewis Equipment agrees to relieve customer of liability for accidental damage to the rental items. However, excluded from this waiver is any loss or damage due to theft, burglary, misuse or abuse, theft by conversion, intentional damage, mysterious disappearances or any loss due to customer failing to care for the rental items as a prudent man would his own property.

FLAT TIRES: We will repair one tire as part of damage waiver, customer is responsible for all tire damage afterwards.

FUEL: All our equipment is full of fuel when it leaves our yard. On equipment with a gallon or less tank, the fuel is on us. Equipment with a fuel tank larger than 1 gallon can be returned full or we charge $4.00 per gallon on pick-up equipment and $4.00 per gallon on delivered equipment. We supply fuel pre-mixed for all our 2 cycle engine equipment at no charge.

RESERVATIONS: For your convenience, we strongly recommend reserving larger trailered equipment prior to pick-up so we can have it loaded on the trailer and ready to go when you arrive.

TRAILERS: Trailers are supplied for all larger equipment at no charge. Working trailer lights are mandatory on all trailers that leave our yard.


1.       Minimum Equipment Inventory: Equipment can be very expensive, especially when that equipment is idle, as owned equipment often is. By combining ownership of basic equipment with rental equipment as needed, idle time and cost is minimized.

2.       Warehousing: Warehousing sites are seldom needed for rental equipment.

3.       Breakdowns: We feel we have some of the best maintained equipment available, but virtually all equipment is subject to break down. When rental equipment breaks down it can be quickly exchanged with another at no cost to you. Time losses are cut down to a minimum along with the cost of the repair eliminated.

4.       Maintenance: Rental equipment includes full maintenance. You need no repair shop, no spare parts inventory, no mechanics, no added payroll or maintenance record keeping.

5.       Versatility: Rental equipment gives you more variety of jobs you can perform without the investment of more equipment.

6.       Equipment Obsolescence: Manufacturers are constantly designing newer, better and faster equipment. Ownership involves the risk of rising wage costs and slower job completion due to using slow and inefficient models. We keep a modern well-maintained rental inventory.

7.       Disposal Costs: It costs money to sell any type of used or obsolete equipment. Preparing it for resale, advertising and selling time are important cost factors of ownership that do not occur when renting.

8.       Cost Control: Knowing the true cost of equipment owned is difficult. Rented equipment offers you just one accountable cost figure, the bottom line on the rental invoice which is fully tax deductible at the end of the year, not depreciated over a number of years.

9.       Personal Property Tax and Licenses: There are no personal property tax or license cost on rental equipment. These are substantial costs than must be added to the cost of owning rather than renting.