Sandblaster, 200 lb Pressure Pot
with Dead Man Switch & Resperator

Sandblaster, 200 lb Pressure Pot <br> with Dead Man Switch & Resperator
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    Includes Tank


    Schmidt abrasive blasting systems feature efficient piping designed to provide the industry's lowest pressure drop. For each drop in pressure of just 1 psi at the blast nozzle, a blasting system loses 1 1/2% in productivity, so minimizing pressure drop is important. Schmidt systems are low maintenance for reduced downtime. They're designed with a low profile for easier filling and ample wheel clearance for greater stability when the system is in use. Systems are available with an optional loading skid that provides protection for valves and piping, and allows for easier handling and transport to the job site.

    Schmidt systems are the industry's safest designs possible, with normally closed, fail-safe valves and controls for greater safety and performance.

    • Portable
    • 125 psi rated vessel
    • Pneumatic remote controls
    • ComboValve & MicroValve
    • 55' Twinline control hose
    • Deadman control
    • A moisture separator, 50' blast hose, nozzle holder and nozzle
    • A Bullard respirator with 25' air supply hose kit and airline filter

    200lb Unit Requires a 130 CFM Air Compressor (Not Included)