The Original Formula
Bowling Lane Finish

Fabulon<br> The Original Formula<br> Bowling Lane Finish
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    Original Fabulon Bowling Lane Finish Fast Dry

    This product is the twin of the clear coating used for years to beautify and protect bowling lanes against the constant battering of bowling balls and pins. When used in a residential application Original Fabulon is the only floor finish that polishes itself and thus stays looking new for years.
    Original Fabulon produces and attractive lustrous gloss finish with excellent durability and resistance to abrasion and wear.
    It dries in less than an hour and is easy to maintain, floors can be cleaned with water...No Waxing.
    Not for use over stain

    Original Fabulon comes in a gloss finish only.

    • Dries in 60 minutes or less
    • Easy to apply.
    • Quick and easy patching of worn areas without having to re-sand
    • Coverage: 300-400 sq ft.
    • 2 coats required.

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