Wire Feed Welder 110 Volt

Wire Feed Welder 110 Volt
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    Mig Welder, 110 Volt 30 to 130 Amp

    Welds up to 1/8" thick mild steel at 20% duty cycle.


    Infinite voltage control with wire feed speed tracking provides broader operating range with finer control by automatically increasing or decreasing wire feed speed when voltage is adjusted.

    Easy access to output studs provides convenient polarity changeover when switching from solid or flux cored wires.

    "Tip Saver" short circuit protection shuts down output when tip is shorted to the work. Extends contact tip life and protects internal components from damage. Trigger reset permits quick reset at torch rather then unit.

    Built-in solid-state contactor circuit makes wire electrically "cold" until trigger is pulled. Makes unit safer, and is easier to position torch to work before starting weld.

    Available with solid or flux core wire.

    Wire and Shielding Gas is an Additional Charge.