Post Hole Digger Mechanical

Post Hole Digger Mechanical
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    Mechanical Earth Drill

    Easy to move, easy to use...
    Easy Drilling - no kickback
    This model features our patented torque tube, which is a telescoping tube attached from the engine to the transmission, placing all of the counter torque on the engine and none on the operator. The result is easy drilling with no kickback felt by the operator. This important safety feature sets the Little Beaver apart from all other earth drills on the market.

    Drill fast and move fast
    Our earth drills, can provide fast, clean holes in seconds for a wide variety of uses; fencing, soil sampling, tree transplanting, sign erecting, and many other jobs. The convenience of the fingertip controlled throttle and the kill switch allows instant operator control over the starting and stopping of the auger. The lightweight machine can easily be transported from one job site to another. Our auger and extension selection allows many hole digging requirements to be easily performed by one person. Special or hard surfaced augers are available on request. All cutting blades are tool steel and edges are hard surfaced. Most blades are reversible for longer life.

    Smart features at work
    Little Beaver transmissions are designed smarter for safer, longer life. We' ve built in an oil bath for better lubrication and longer gear life; O-ring seals eliminate leakage problems. We've improved cooling through additional heat-dissipating fins, and reduced maintenance through stronger, larger shafts and bearings. We' ve increased operator comfort and reduced equipment stress with a stronger torque tube connection by a shock-absorbing bushing.