Texture Spray Compund
Covers 200 Square Ft.

Texture Spray Compund <br> Covers 200 Square Ft.
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    Description: Wel-Cote Acousti-Spray Textures are vermiculite-aggregated textures formulated to produce the highest quality decorator finishes over interior drywall, plaster and concrete surfaces. Acousti-Spray Textures are ideal for repairing existing ceiling surfaces, or for new construction.

    Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be sound, clean and dry. Surfaces not to be covered should be masked to protect from over-spray. Drywall, patched areas and surfaces of varying porosity should be primed with a suitable primer and allowed to dry. Concrete surfaces must be free of all foreign material, such as oil, efflorescence and any water-soluble material. Concrete must be cured and thoroughly dry. Metal should be primed with a coat of flat, rust-inhibiting primer. Previously painted surfaces should be sound, with the old finish firmly bonded to the original surface. Glossy finishes should be sanded or washed with a strong cleaning solution, such as trisodium phosphate.

    Mixing: Mechanical mixing is recommended. Follow instructions on the back of each product for proper powder to water ratio. Mix in a clean container using water of moderate temperature. Slowly add dry material to water while stirring. Mix until free from lumps. Let the material stand for at least 20 minutes, then add water to produce the desired viscosity. Do not mix more material than will be used in 24 hours. Texture material should not be mixed with any material other than clean water.

    Application: Wel-Cote Acousti-Spray Textures should be applied with spray equipment designed for the application of simulated acoustical finishes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct nozzle openings and pressures when using either a hopper-type handgun or a pistol gun. As a general guideline, keep the nozzle of the gun moving in a uniform manner, taking care that each stroke laps the previous one to assure uniform coverage. The distance of the spray gun from the wall will affect the look and coverage. A temperature of at least 55° F must be maintained during cold weather for both application and drying. To avoid excess build-up in angles, spray from the angle out. The second coat, if desired, should be applied at right angles to the first coat. Clean equipment immediately after use with water.

    Equipment: Wel-Cote Acousti-Spray Textures should only be applied with an appropriate hopper-type or pistol gun